Burleigh Heads National Park - Dutchman's Pipe Vine

Week Beginning the 25/04/16

Works continues at Burleigh Heads National Park at the summit of the headland targeting Dutchman’s Pipe (Aristolochia elegans), working in the same areas previously treated.

With all the parent plants already removed, this week’s project was to complete secondary works by removing the recruitment that had germinated since the previous visit. And there was plenty of recruitment.

There were four main locations where the Dutchman’s Pipe contained high density of juveniles. In one of these areas we were able to use foliar spray with glyphosate at industry standard, as the presence of native species was non-existent. The remaining areas had to be manually removed as native regeneration was high in density.

Outside these four zones, Dutchman’s Pipe recruitment were a low the medium densities. We were able to treat the whole site in the allocated time.

During the treatment is was great to see the Richmond Bird Winged Butterfly on site with the knowledge that this season, no caterpillars would die as a result of the Dutchman’s Pipe.