Burleigh Heads National Park - Asparagus Fern

Week beginning 02/05/16

Burleigh Heads National Park -

The World As I Am returned to Burleigh Heads National Park southern entrance to continue works on the Asparagus fern smothering all native species throughout the understorey.

As this was the final treatment for this particular project, secondary (follow up) work was implemented in all previously treated zones to eradicate any Asparagus fern recruitment, and there was plenty of it. Unfortunately, the seed bank contained within these soils are strong and continual secondary work is required to prevent the Asparagus fern from taking a strangle hold within the understorey again.

With the assistance on the Burleigh Heads National Park Volunteer Group (BHNPVG) we are hoping that this is achievable.

With the secondary work completed, we continued with the primary works pushing into the parks as far as possible within the timeframe. Again using the crowning technique to ensure no native species were effected by herbicides.

It has been an honour to work the Burleigh branch of QPWS. Throughout this financial year we have achieved many great things. Eradicating the Dutchman’s Pipe threat at the summit of the headland, allowing the Richmond Bird Winged Butterfly to reproduce without then threat of this killer vine. Securing the integrity of the bank, in the eastern portion of the park where the landslip closed the walking trail for 6 months, and the Asparagus Fern along the southern portion of the park, proving that even with little resources, much can be achieved in a short amount of time.