Burleigh Heads National Park - Landslip Site

Week Beginning 04/04/16

Burleigh Heads National Park - Landslip Site

Upon returning to this site for the first time in months, the native regeneration was extremely impressive on the upper slop. The site is a great example of how successful constructive regeneration can benefit an ecosystem. The native species have taken a strangle hold of this landslip site, suppressing the weeds, which is so great to see given the weed seedbank within the soil. Within the exposed areas weeds are present but every visit requires less time allocated to the site. The continual treatment of this site prevents weeds species from removing valuable nutrients and moisture from the soil, allowing the native species to thrive. The perfect example of what follow up works achieve.

All Asteraceae weeds present on site are now at a minimum compared with their presence 3 months ago. Dominate weed species have reduced to Coral Berry and Cobbers pegs but even these are restricted to exposed areas which each treatment allows native growing to replace and suppress these weed species. There are still plenty of other weed species on site but with constant maintenance, all have been destroyed before the seeding cycle.

This week we return for the final treatment for this financial year. As the weather cools the weeds growth reduces until Spring.

The World As I Am would like to thank Henry the Senior Ranger and the rangers from the Burleigh Heads division for allowing us to continue follow up work on this project. This is what revegetation works is about. Successful outcome, from beginning to end.