Burleigh Heads National Park - Asparagus Fern Control

Week beginning 03/04/16 to 18/04/16

Burleigh Heads National Park -

The World As I Am returned to Burleigh Heads National Park southern entrance to continue treating the Asparagus fern growing parallel to the walking track.


Work began with follow up spot spraying in the previously treated areas. Asparagus fern juveniles had germinated in the time between treatments. This was undertaken first thing in the morning while the wind was calm to prevent any off target damage.


There was also a portion of the treatment zone that was a complete monoculture of Asparagus ferns so this area was blanket sprayed as there was no threat of off target species being effected. This was implemented more so because of time restraints and given the lack of environmental impact, it was justified.


Apart from the areas mentioned above, the rest was crowned. With the assistance of Josh the Park Ranger, we continue along the track heading east towards the treated areas completed last year. We are making good progress and I am happy with the result so far.


The work is getting plenty of attention, many visitors to the park asking what we are doing and why. They leave knowing what Asparagus fern is, why it is such a problem weed have how it best control it. Win Win.


Work will continue in the zone over the next couple of weeks.