Windabout Dr Reserve


Week beginning 11/04/16.

Works began at the Windabout Dr Reserve on Beechmont. On the first day I spent about an hour surveying the southern portion, to understand the eco system and identify the weed species present and the best approach to ensure the best outcome given the days allocated to this site.

This site is a fruit bowl of weed species, but Broad Leafed Privet dominated the canopy, mid and understorey in most ecosystems within this reserve.

I was tasked to begin works in two sections of this reserve. One in the southern portion and the other in the North Western section. As the gradient undulates south north, we begin on the Southern Eastern boundary heading north treating all mature Privet, which was the seed source for much of this reserve. Frilling was the technique implemented with some cut and paint work on the smaller species.

Prior to beginning the second ecosystem, the Parks section of Scenic Rim organised two Green Army teams to assist me with the treatment of Privet. Again, it was the dominate species. With these teams, we focused on the habitat in the North Western portion of the park. The Green Army removed Privet in the understorey, while The World As I Am treated the mid and canopy species.

It was great to see the diligence of the teams. If they weren’t sure what they were about to remove, whether to was a weed or a native species they would ask. Guioa semiglauca was present within this eco system and to a beginner, can be easily confused with Privet. They asked plenty of questions about techniques and plant ID which we were more than happy to pass on.

This habitat will not require any constructive revegetation as native regeneration is present within the understorey, but needs some assistance in controlling the weeds as there is a healthy presence of seed bank within the soil. I am confident that the areas we have worked in will regenerate naturally with consistent secondary work.

Work in this reserve will continue on Monday the 18/04/16