Withern Reserve

Week beginning 04/04/16.

Works began at the Withern Reserve on the corner of Limerick Dr and Upper Coomera Rd. Upon first site inspection it was obvious that this site required long term strategies as the weed species present were numerous. Garden escapees.

In the canopy, Chinese Celtis was the dominate species with some Camphor Laurel present as well. The World As I Am was tasked to eradicate them. Because this site has so many different varieties of weeds species throughout the understorey is was important not the clutter this understorey with debris from fallen Celtis trees.

The World AS I am was also tasked to remove every weed species within 10m on the adjoining property to the west. This included canopy, mid and understorey species along with vines.

Every weed present identified in this reserve was also present in the properties west, within this catchment line. Seed source will be ever present unless property owners manage their weed problem. Unfortunately, this reserve is only 50ms away from the Coomera river. All weeds present in this reserve have been feeding the river system.

Any weed species small enough to use loppers were cut and painted. The best technique, given this ecosystem was to frill mature trees, which will allow follow up work within the understorey.

These species include: Easter Cassia, Lantana, Creeping Lantana, Smooth Leafed Seanna, Mimosa Lily, Coral Berry, Dutchman’s Pipe, Moth Vine, Tabaco Plant, Devils Fig, Ground Asparagus fern, Mist flower, Crofton Weed, Cobblers Pegs.