Mount Barney National Park

Mt Barney Range. At the end of a hard day we come here to relax

Mt Barney Range. At the end of a hard day we come here to relax

Journal of Volunteer Works

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+ WEEK OF 12/03/16

Was all about Mt Barney. Volunteers headed to Yamahra Creek to finish off the works The World As I Am started in the areas previously identified that were outside the scope of works, but needed to be treated. I want to thank Judith Vink and Chad Allen for their dedication to the environment and helping us complete something that I said I was going to do. Without your help it would have taken the whole weekend to complete. But beyond that, to spend the weekend with two like-minded people that truly care about the environment was an absolute pleasure. I also want to thank my children for contributing to this experience. Dad is always proud of your contribution.

After arriving and enjoying the view from Cleared Ridge…. for about 5 mins, we were straight into it. Probably should have spent more time taking in the tranquility but, there was Moth Vine to destroy. First target was on top of Cleared Ridge on the northern facing slope. So hidden were these vines that I assumed that they were only a couple of years old. As it turns out they are actually at least 5 years old. Infested area was 10m by 10m and seemed to be isolated to that. Juveniles were located so these adult’s plants had podded in the previous years but due wind exposure, distance from a water source, it seems these vines have struggle to reproduce.

We moved further down the access track and removed the moth vine Justin O'Connell the Ranger In Charge of the Boonah regional so happy pointed out to me.. hehe before hitting the target catchment line. Previous works within this catchment line verified that there was little to no treatment of this pest within this area. It was unclear how much further work was required as this catchment line was never surveyed. Density was high. Many juveniles were present. Most of which were manually removed were possible. After the work was complete it was Barney time. We headed to the Upper Portals so Judith and Chad Allen could see Barney in all its glory.

On a final note I want to thank Tim, Rod, David and Kate from Graces Hut for accommodating us, allowing this weekend to happen. I truly appreciate it. What an awesome weekend.

+ 24 AND 25/10/15

This weekend we identified areas of high density Moth vine infestations. These areas were tagged along the access road which will allow The World As I Am to eradicate them more efficiently in the next coming months. Thank you to my beautiful children for their hard work.

+ 23 AND 24/05/15

Weekend volunteer work at Mt Barney.. what an awesome weekend it was. 40 seed pods removed from the catchment lines and over 100 Moth Vines identified and removed from the National Park. Thanks again Ben from Mt Barney Wilderness Retreat for all your support