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Ecological Restoration with Integrity – It starts here

The World As I Am is a company consisting of motivated members who are dedicated to protect, preserve and rehabilitate natural areas. Our team are experienced members that don’t take shortcuts. With every project, we take ownership and do not compromise on best environmental outcomes.

Our Aim

Our Aim is to make a positive difference to help create or support sustainable eco systems. Implementing best practices in every task we undertake with integrity.

Our Mission

The World As I Am is only affiliated with non-profit organisations, government sectors, companies or private land owners that have the best intentions for the environment with realistic outcomes.

Our focus is protecting environmental and cultural heritage, improving habitat quality through best environmental practices and community education. To commit beyond contracted works, by supporting non-profit organisations, both in participating and coordinating volunteer projects.

We Are High Conservation Ecological Restoration Specialists

Entrusted to conduct works in world heritage listed communities, we have expert plant knowledge and can assist in compiling funding submissions, project planning, vegetation surveys, weed management strategies, revegetation and re-construction activities.


Restoration Techniques

The Techniques implemented are selected through observations of various environmental factors and can change from day to day. The key to delivering restoration with integrity is the ability to read the environment and adjust accordingly.

Environmental factors determine which approach is required for the best outcomes. These factors include vegetation community resilience, aspect, wind speed and direction, soil type, proximity to water, weed density, weed species, maturity of invasive species, existing native species presence within the treatment area, current and predicted weather conditions, season and site access to name a few.

Our preferred techniques include a balance between modern and traditional methods. We focus on manual removal or cut and paint simply to keep herbicide distribution to a minimum and guarantee the successful treatment of target species. We adapt our techniques where required to cover larger areas.

Foliar spray is used when required but only when there is little to no presence of native species. We also use splatter gun technique but this method requires ideal conditions and site preparation to prevent off-target damage.

For larger more mature species we use the frilling/stem injection technique to avoid felling trees, providing structure to the eco system for seed distribution by birds and preventing subsequent fire hazard.



  • Queensland Parks and Wildlife (QPWS) Mount Barney National Park

  • QPWS Springbrook National Park

  • QPWS Burleigh Heads National Park

  • QPWS Glenrock National Park

  • QPWS Burleigh Knoll

  • QPWS Tally Creek Conservation Park

  • QPWS Lamington Branch

  • QPWS Binna Burra Branch

  • SEQ Water Gold Coast Branch

  • Resilient Rivers

  • Queensland Trust for Nature : Koala Crossing

  • Queensland Trust for Nature: Aroona

  • Rivers Integrity Trust – Scenic Rim Region

  • Tambourine Mountain Landcare

  • Cedar Grove Landcare

  • Lamington Landcare

  • Beechmont Landcare

  • Scenic Rim Regional Council: Conservation Parks throughout the region

  • Lockyer Valley Regional Council: Conservation areas throughout the region

  • Bulimba Creek Catchment Committee

  • Numerous Private Stakeholders


Volunteer Projects

The World As I Am contributes to preserve the natural assets within the environment. Since 2014, we have organised and delivered work in a volunteer capacity.  The World As I Am commit to at least 3 separate volunteer programs each month.

Volunteer weekends not only benefit the environment but it brings together like minded people to help contribute back to the community in a positive way.  

  • Mount Barney National Park

  • Burleigh Heads National Park

  • Binna Burra National Park

  • Tamborine Mountain Landcare

  • Glenrock National Park

  • Lamington Landcare

  • Daisy Hill National Park

  • Cedar Grove Landcare

  • Aroona – Queensland Trust for Nature

Community Contributions

Unique as a company – The World As I Am is an organisation designed to help make the world a better place by incorporating profits into environmental and community enhancement activities. Multiple volunteer projects are organised monthly.

In kind support to any organisation that requests advice on planning for future projects, grant applications, species list compilation according to relevant Regional Ecosystems. Those that support the environment have our full support.


Our Management Team

Guy Cooper    Company Director

Guy Cooper

Company Director

Guy has over 20 years of experience working in the Conservation and Land Management Industry. He has specialised with Queensland Parks and Wildlife Services as a Ranger at Mount Barney National Park, established Gecko Regen in 1997 and has since formed a network through The World As I Am within non-profit organisations to assist with consulting and funding grant submissions. Guy’s dedication to the environment extends far beyond contract work. He is committed to motivate, educate Landcare groups or any other non-profit organisation, companies, private land holders or government institutions that are willing to do their part for the environment.

 Outside of work, his volunteer programs have inspired many dedicated environmentalists to grow and commit to enhance nature corridors throughout SE Queensland. Well known in the industry as knowledgeable with ecological restoration, declared weed control, mitigation and as an ethical leader.

Ben Cooper    Project Manager

Ben Cooper

Project Manager

With more than 20 years experience in horticulture and landscaping, Ben has been with TWAIA since its inception as a project manager. Having also work with Queensland parks and wildlife service as a ranger targeting invasive species in South east Queensland, he’s gained a good understanding of the habitats of this region and directing projects to target them.

While continuing this work in Australia, Ben began reforestation work with NGO’s in the Peruvian Amazon in 2008. This work lead him to form the charity One Family Global Volunteering in order to assist local NGO’s and bring much needed volunteers, funding and resources to work on reforestation, Agroforestry and environmental education projects in remote jungle communities.


Project Example: Aroona – Queensland Trust for Nature - Lantana control

Photo 1.  Before photo showing the Lantana infestation

Photo 1. Before photo showing the Lantana infestation

Photo 2.  After photo of Splatter Gun results

Photo 2. After photo of Splatter Gun results


Project Example: Skywalk Revegetation Project – Tamborine Mountain Landcare- Lantana control

Photo 1.  Lantana infestation

Photo 1. Lantana infestation

Photo 2.  After photo of Splatter Gun results. Site ready for planting one month later

Photo 2. After photo of Splatter Gun results. Site ready for planting one month later




Tamborine Mountain Landcare

Judith Roland
Mobile: 0429 808 206

The World As I Am has shown commitment to projects, and has a very strong work ethic. Excellent local species knowledge and industry standard work practices regarding weed management techniques. Reporting of works is of a very high standard - explaining in detail every facet of daily works and describes weed treatment, prognosis, outcomes and suggestions for future work. Tamborine Mountain Landcare's Management Committee has been very satisfied with "World As I am" as a genuine ecological restoration company.

Judith Roland, 8th September, 2017.


Lockyer Valley Regional Council

Martin Bennett
Environmental Officer
Mobile: 0428 359 900

As an Environment officer at 2 local councils, I can say that ‘The World As I Am’ have made a significant improvement to the environment that we live in, and his work on our Council reserves and parks has been excellent. Guy and his staff are dedicated, honest, reliable, and have expert skills in revegetation, tree planting, and environmental weed control methods. The World As I Am has a great knowledge of natural areas, and best environmental practice is a high priority. His knowledge is varied and he can give excellent advice for the better management of natural areas. Guy’s dedication to his beliefs of creating and maintaining a good environment is evidenced by his volunteer days that he puts on, and caters for.

Martin Bennett 8th September, 2017.


Queensland Trust For Nature

Tanya Pritchard
Conservation Manager
Mobile: 0424061129

The World as I am is a restoration company with a difference. Not only is Guy Cooper and his team extremely professional and motivated, their personal commitment to the environment is genuine. It is great to work with a company that is honest and reliable and cares as much about our wonderful natural places as we do.

Tanya Pritchard 12th September 2017


Lamington Landcare Group

David Szumer
Mobile: 0412228518

We have been fortunate to work with The World As I Am, both employees and volunteers over a couple of years now. Our valley borders the Lamington National Park and with more than 10 different landholders, we have a multitude of issues with invasive weeds, land slips and damage to the riparian zones. Working over numerous sites The World As I Am has brought a vast amount of knowledge and experience and importantly has been generous in sharing this. Guy also gave his support and guidance at the point that we were forming our Landcare Group.  Our group is relatively new so we are especially appreciative that he has organised volunteer weekends to swell our numbers and achieve really positive results. We look forward to a long term partnership with The World As I Am.

David Szumer 14th September 2017


Ngarang-Wal Gold Coast Aboriginal Association Inc

Justine Dillon
Ngarang-Wal G.C.A.A Inc. Secretary
Guanaba I.P.A Project Coordinator

Ngarang-Wal Gold Coast Aboriginal Association contracted ‘The World As I Am’ as the Invasive Species/Weeds Manager after successful delivery of volunteer weekends and contracted onsite works at Guanaba Indigenous Protected Area, Gold Coast.

The work is evident where Guy and his team of enthusiastic volunteers and work colleagues have conducted weed spraying, extensive hand removal of invasive species and planting of native species. The World As I Am share their extensive knowledge of habitat restoration and it gives us an opportunity to learn while we work alongside them.

Justine Dillion 15 September 2017